Why ‘Tinpot Gamer’?
I adore video games, but I’m really not that great at them, hence…

What’s this about?
A small, personal website run by a 30-something gamer from London, England.
I’m mad about video games, especially 8-bit, 16-bit and arcade games, football (soccer) and have a slightly unhealthy love of Brentford Football Club, which won’t feature here.
I don’t really do reviews of the latest games. There are a million reviews sites on the internet all clamouring for your attention, run by people who get paid to produce those words. Besides, I don’t think my writing’s exciting or varied enough to keep that up, so I thought I’d try to come up with a few different things that didn’t appear to be covered elsewhere.
This is all about what I’m playing and my ongoing opinions of those games, along with some features I hope are unique and interesting enough to keep you coming back.

Welcome To Bonus Stage! – A series of posts about, what else? Bonus stages! Something that seems to be missing from games these days (now I sound like an old fart, but that’s probably true!), the good old bonus stage. How to access them, what you need to do to succeed and, most importantly, your hard-earned reward, be it points, items that help you to a proper ending or a tasty 1-Up.

Let’s Go Shopping! – What are you going to spend all your hard-collected coinage on if there aren’t any good shops around? I take a look at in-game shops and what’s for the taking, the good, the bad and the useless.

Mastering The System – OK, I know I said I don’t really do reviews, but this project is all about a personal attempt to find out if I’ve mistakenly dismissed the Sega Master System as an inferior system that isn’t worth bothering with or if I was right all along. Entirely my opinion, of course.

Please follow me for updates and leave comments about the site @TintpotGamer on Twitter or email me at tinpotgamer@tinpotgamer.com.