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Mastering The System #45 Arcade Smash Hits

Developer: Images Publisher: Virgin Games Year: 1992 Players: 1-2 Played Before: No Also on: Master System Exclusive Progress: Stage 6 (Breakout), 27,587 (Centipede), 34,700 (Missile Command) I’ll admit to not being a huge fan of ports of the most well-known … Continue reading

Mastering The System #32 Columns #33 Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine #34 Klax

Every gamer at some point in their life must have played a match-three puzzle game, whether it’s one from Compile’s ubiquitous and absolutely barmy Puyo Puyo series, the more recent iPhone hit Candy Crush or one of the thousands of … Continue reading

Welcome To Bonus Stage! #2 Gauntlet (Arc)

Developer: Atari Publisher: Atari Year: 1985 Players: 1-4 Also on: Tons of consoles and computers If you were gaming during the ’80s and have never come into contact with Gauntlet, you’ve definitely missed out. Before Konami blessed us with their … Continue reading